How Much Does An SEO Company Charge?

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The question you’ve been waiting for: How much should you charge?

To answer this question, you need to understand how to meet YOUR business goals.

What would you like your monthly income to be from selling search optimization? Since you’re white labeling, what profit margin would get you there?

To calculate your monthly income multiply: # Clients x Price x Profit Margin

As long as you know enough about SEO to project authority and expertise, you can command a high price. There is no “standard rate” for SEO services: The results you deliver the client should exceed what they pay you.

Knowing this, you can determine your profit goals.

The HOTH’s SEO services are specifically designed to be scalable for white label purposes. We project that you can charge clients anywhere from 2X to 4X your costs by white labeling with us.

So the next questions are: How many clients can you manage? and What rate do you need to get them in at? It’s better to have 5 clients to manage at 00/month than 20 clients at 00 / month.

If you want to REALLY scale SEO services, eventually you’ll need some help managing all your clients with the help of a sales staff. You’ll want to factor in a % commission structure to your calculations in that case.

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